Witness to the Tableau Vivant

tab·leau vi·vant
täˌblō vēˈväN,täˌblō vēˈvänt/
  1. Living picture, living sculpture
  2. silent and motionless group of people arranged to represent an artistic scene
What is BARE- Tableau Vivant Redux? BARE is a series of pop up dinners, social gatherings and salons centered around decadent and voyeuristic interpretations of the traditional tableau vivant. They have been held in secret locations by invitation for over 15 years. They are exclusive, elitist, egalitarian, cloistered, welcoming, creative, salacious, bizarre, salacious, but never mundane. Typically photography is not allowed (sorry to all the Instagram desparate, this isn’t the place for your FOMO selfies.) But occasionally they’ve been public enough to have a few snaps. Below is a tiny sampling of a few BARE events over the years. 

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