First Nyotaimori (2004)

Do you remember 2004? Well after a number of small, private and intimate Naked Sushi events, that was our first public one. In case you don’t remember, 2004 was before you saw naked sushi on any TV shows, movies, or in print. I’d only heard of it vaguely from some associates at Nitsu, a Japanese company that employed me in various capacities at the time. It was a new concept. So new, that when it started to gain awareness in the public sphere, my photos were the only ones searchable on Yahoo (yep, Google wasn’t even really a thing yet, they hadn’t even had their first IPO.) So we were contacted by various media outlets for usage. Photos of our first few events appeared on VH-1, MTV, CBS “The Doctors,” and a dozen magazines/newspapers (including a feature in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.) 

A 100 or so friends stopped by for (as far as I know) LA’s first real, full scale naked sushi event. Well, Naked Sushi and Naked Waffles with Strawberries. Even from the get go, I was a bit cheeky with the concept. A lot of imitators followed. The vast majority losing site of the fun and artistic opportunities, and just trying to rather cravenly make money or make it simple titillation. 

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